A Castle Right in the Middle of Town

From the Depths of History

The Hartberg Castle was the town’s secular nucleus. The history of the castle dates back to the year 1147, to the darkest Middle Ages, when in 1147 a fortress was first mentioned in a document – today’s Hartberg Castle. In 1572 it was acquired by the family of the later Paar Princes and renovated in the Renaissance style; an arcade tract was added in the 17th century.

Castle Park & Art

The castle park is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. The old trees are witnesses of the past, the newly laid-out “climate woodlands” point to the future. Sculptures give form and space to the motif “time as a shapable dimension”. Right next to it, behind the castle wall, the town park spreads out, a garden of historic and artistic value. In former times, the moat surrounded the castle, parts of the historic town wall with the “Reckturm” tower have been preserved to this day.

Contemporary Architecture

The former castle tower was replaced by a new building, today’s foyer of the Knights’ Hall. The façade facing the castle park consists of Corten steel plates, a very vivacious material with a warm brown hue that thematises the aging process of buildings, entering in this way into dialogue with the town’s historical substance. In 2012, the annex was awarded the “GeramRose” prize for high-quality building culture. The exclusive ambience of the castle makes it an ideal venue for weddings and celebrations.

“CittàSlow.GENUSS” Picnic in the Castle Park

Enjoy a picnic basket full of tasty delicacies of your choice: hearty “Brettljause” snack, vegetarian specialties, breaded fried chicken.