Culture & Tradition

Garden Culture through the Ages

Since the mid-19th century, the interaction of untamed nature and cultivated gardens has played an important role in Hartberg’s townscape. The medieval town centre is surrounded by green spaces and embedded within gentle natural landscapes.

Climate-friendly measures, ecological goals and artistic interventions in Hartberg’s townscape turn the whole city into a green stage:

* “Breathing sun umbrellas” in the Hauptplatz Square
* Castle park: climate woodlands, rose garden
* Town park: hydrangea garden and bee oasis
* Floating picture gallery in the “Enterlteich” pond
* Beds of wildflowers throughout the town

A pond as gallery

In the Middle Ages, a moat was part of the city’s fortress. It was converted into an idyllic pond landscape in the 19th century and a swimming pool for local residents was established.

In the 21st century, it’s no longer Sunday pleasure boats that  grace the water. The pond is a literal swimming picture gallery, where photographers with an eye for ecology  amaze and inspire with images of nature.