Culinary Delights

Historic Flair & Vibrant Hospitality

Our town’s most beautiful and Styria’s oldest square was built in 1147. In 1756 master builder Thomas Reiff transformed the town’s no longer needed defence tower into one of the most beautiful baroque church spires with over 90 m² of gold plate.

Culinary Enjoyment.

A vibrant urban scene brims with life in the QUARTIER-Bar + Shop. Enjoy regional specialties, from deliciously mature cheese to the finest ham, accompanied by a glass of exquisite wine. Right next door, the NEBEN-QUARTIER offers plenty of room for celebrations in a relaxed ambience.

Old inn traditions have been kept alive in the BRAUHAUS Inn since 1860. Until about 1900 beer was brewed in its vaults – today it is the cosy heart of the house ensuring a relaxed and jovial atmosphere. Indulge yourself with regional comfort food and Austrian specialties!

Enjoy sweet desserts, from the delicious “Kardinalschnitte” pastry to the finest cakes, aromatic coffee, enticing ice cream variations and cosy outdoor seating in a vine covered arbour at the “SONNE Café – Restaurant”.

“CittàSlow.GENUSS”. GMOOS Honey 

The honey is harvested in the Hartberg “Gmoos” moorland, a European nature preserve on the outskirts of the historic town. The honey contains the nectar and honeydew of all the plants growing and blooming in the “Gmoos” during one season. The great plant diversity creates a taste composition which is surprisingly different every year.
You can buy the honey in Hartberg’s old town: at the “Short Black” coffee roastery | Alter Gerichtshof Hotel | TV Hartbergerland.