A Town Looking Back on 2,000 Years of History

A Town Looking Back on 2,000 Years of History

How It All Began…

A journey through time: from the Celtic hilltop settlement on the Ringkogel Mountain to the first Styrian Cittàslow. The first settlers already arrived on the Ringkogel in primeval times. Over the ages the mountaintop has undergone many changes, but parts of the fortification of the Celtic ring wall which gave the mountain its name are still visible. The Romans settled at the foot of the Ringkogel and began cultivating wine.

Hartberg was founded in 1122 by Margrave Leopold I of Steyr as a palatine which he systematically developed and expanded. At that time and for many years after, Hartberg was much more important than Graz. Hartberg was a “Taiding”, that is a place where trials were held. In medieval times a myriad of wealthy gentry used to gather in Hartberg, the heart of Styria. In 1286, Hartberg was first mentioned in a document as a civitas (town).

Honour to whom honour is due! In 2009, Hartberg was admitted to the international Cittàslow Association of the most liveable towns – in recognition of the fact that the people of Hartberg go to great lengths to uphold their native cultural traditions.

Enjoy Hartberg with all your senses, relax and unwind – in Hartberg you have all the time in the world!

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