The story about a pioneer 

From a courageous idealist to a successful organic wine grower

It was in 1988 that a young Sali (AKA Wolfgang Schmallegger) began to follow his passion for quality wine by moving into winemaking as a side business. He opened a Buschenschank, a type of local wine tavern serving a family’s own wines as well as homemade sweet and savory treats, in one of of the Ringkogel in Hartberg’s most beautiful spots. Yet he was not satisfied. Not because of the taste of his creations, but because of how his grapevines had been treated. He took the next bold step of converting to organic farming in 1995, thus introducing himself as a true ‘Bioneer’. He has since become a known and beloved organic winemaker throughout the region and beyond.

…the story continues

Magdalena and Lukas represent the next generation shaping the direction of the family’s organic winery. While Magda focuses on the Buschenschank, her brother Lukas is the new mastermind behind organic wine creations. And thus, this family enterprise continues to flourish much like the vineyards on the sunny gentle slopes surrounding the Hartberg: naturally, at its own pace and—as always—with zest for life. In 2022, Lukas was among the nominees for the coveted Falstaff Award for Young Winemaker of the Year.


A spread made of Grünkern (spelt) on fresh farmhouse bread with a fine glass of Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), with aromas of green nuts and almonds, balanced with the fruity aroma of pear. 

While the recipe for this spread is a well-guarded family secret, we can in fact share that Grünkern are the green cereal grains that are harvested before spelt matures, resulting in soft consistency and juicy taste.