Southern Flair in the Capital of the Thermal Spa Region

Southern Flair in the Capital of the Thermal Spa Region

Come and get to know our city

Fürstenfeld, also known as the thermal spa capital of the area, is a city of great variety and perfect for exciting discoveries and interesting encounters.  A city pulsing with life that wins over the hearts of its visitors with its relaxing shopping opportunities, spectacular sights and exciting recreational facilities.  A charming town of interesting history and diversity, romantic spots and historical motifs.  Fürstenfeld is the ideal starting point for excursions and to explore the thermal spas of the region.

The “Festungsweg” is a path to the castle leading you through the long history of the former fortified city. Animated films, mysterious bunkers and the Augustinian Church crypt make the path a historical experience.  In the Pfeilburg Museum you’ll learn all about what the phrase “Kruzitürken” (gadzooks) and tobacco have to do with the city.

Within the lovely city borders there is a bustle of activity so that tourists, history buffs, families and globetrotters alike will find just the perfect thing. Fürstenfeld is simply attractive not only as the region’s thermal spa capital but also because of its many lovingly run traditional shops offering the best of service, coffee shops with homemade desserts, taverns serving local Styrian favourites or modern interpretations of traditional meals as well as well-kept streets and squares lined with historical buildings.  Especially in the summer shopping becomes an experience to take in with all your being.  Thousands of visitors are attracted to the city for the “Long Thursdays” when stores remain open until late evening and the streets come alive with music and entertainment.

Exercise, culture, events, regional culinary delights and soothing thermal water are sure guarantees for a relaxing holiday.  Embedded amongst some of Austria’s best thermal springs such as the Loipersdorf thermal resort or the thermal spa Rogner Bad Blumau, our city with its long historic past and lovely city centre fulfils every desire.

Throughout the year Fürstenfeld offers outstanding culinary festivals highlighting regional products such as wine and pumpkins as well as opportunities to experience music of the highest quality under the night sky.

Just outside the city gates you’ll find Austria’s “Genussladen” delicatessen shop with culinary products such as Zotter chocolates created by the world renowned chocolatier Josef Zotter, Gölles vinegars and Vulcano hams and bacons to mention only a few.

High quality of life, “gmiatilche Leit”, the people who know how to enjoy it, good food, nature that is still intact, a city centre pulsating with life, an important centre for events beyond regional boundaries, friendly people and heart-warming hospitality have our holiday guests singing the lines of a popular song “I wül wieder ham noch Fürstenfeld!” (I wanna go home to Fürstenfeld!).  Who could ask for more?