Culture & Tradition

Guided city tour of Fürstenfeld

Immerse yourself in the eventful history of Fürstenfeld, a former border town. Discover the unexpected and listen to some of the anecdotes our city guide has to tell.

Our guided tours to the historical places and buildings of the city centre are available for groups of 6 persons or more. To arrange a date please call the Fürstenfeld guest services Tel 03382/55470 at least one week before you wish to come.

The old town hall on Bismarck Street near the Hauptplatz Square houses not only Fürstenfeld’s music school but also a gallery. Several rooms on the ground floor have a  charming, vaulted character that artists from both near and far regularly use to present their works.

Gallery Gölles founded in 2003 displays mostly Austrian but also international contemporary art.
The main focus is on both the classical and post war avant-garde as well as the positions of the middle generation and most recent developments.
Gallery Gölles has an ambitious programme consisting of an average of six exhibits yearly. In addition to each exhibit a rich selection of other art – mainly paintings and sculptures – is available to our visitors.

Subscription Series of Classical Concerts

The Fürstenfeld concert subscription is rich in tradition and our audiences have enjoyed numerous memorable concert evenings. In 2022 there will be 6 concerts in the subscription series.
We’ve put together a varied concert programme for 2022 once again embracing a variety of music styles.  The “New Year’s Concert” will be a “Spring Concert” under the motto “mit Weana Schmäh geht alles leichter“ (Everything is easier with the snide humour of Vienna) with works by Johann & Josef Strauss, Carl Michael Ziehrer, Franz Léhar and Robert Stolz. Our guest singers at the spring concert will be the Soprano Stefanie FRITZ and the Tenor Mario LERCHENBERGER.
The remaining concerts cover a wide spectrum. There’s an “Opera Carousel”, international soloists such as the “Kreisler Trio” or a harp and bass duo, “Festivities with kettle drums, trumpet and organ” in the city parish church and a cello and piano duo playing chamber music of the finest kind.  
There’s something for every taste in music! . 
Music enriches your life!


Folk culture in Styria can be experienced almost anywhere: Traditional costumes, dialect, dance and handicrafts are an important part of everyday life in Styria.  Traditions are indispensable, are part of the people’s lifestyle and are strongly intertwined with the seasons and nature throughout the year.

There are the antics of the carnival season to Easter customs such as the

“Weihfeuer tragen”, when consecrated embers are carried home as well as the consecration of food during the “Fleischweihe“. On May 1st may poles are raised in the main squares of most towns accompanied by local marching bands. The traditional Styrian suit for men and the Dirndl dress for women are traditionally worn at Thanksgiving.  Advent and Christmas traditions are of special importance in the region.  From Krampus to the Christ Child.