At the Easter Market on the Hauptplatz, Furstenfeld’s main square, 30 artists, manufacturers and artisans have their works on display for sale.

Handicrafts Market  on the Hauptplatz Square – Here you’ll find an interesting market just waiting for you to experience the colour and wide variety of handcrafted products offered such as ceramics of all types from vases to garden decorations or even ultra-thin porcelain, the finest of natural soaps, extravagant jewellery as well as products made of wood, glass, felt and loden. More information:  www.diekunsthandwerker.at

Christmas Market – The thermal and volcanic region’s largest market with traditional handicrafts (no commercial off-the-shelf products)

Shoe Manufacturer Bednar – You’ve Entered the Realm of Shoes Made by a Master Craftsman

The product makes the master

What I love after nearly 40 years of my profession just as I did on my first day? The honesty of the handicraft!  It has its own value and brings pleasure be it repairs simply because something beautiful should be kept as long as possible or the crafting of a new custom made work of art.

A master-made shoe from my workshop with traditional workmanship offers the utmost in foot comfort.  The shoe is made to 98% of high quality leather and 3-fold stitching of the side pieces.

Each one is unique and one of a kind, a custom made work of art and each has the sole purpose of bringing pleasure!

Wishing you the best

Herbert Bednar, Master Shoemaker

Shoe Workshop Bednar & Strunz

In our workshop and with our know-how anybody can learn step by step to handcraft this comfortable, fashionable and unique master shoe in individual colours and designs.

Go to our homepage to choose the best date for you from one of our ongoing workshops.

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