Culinary Delights

Keen on Fürstenfeld

The mixture of a sensuous southern style of life, regional diversity and a mild climate are perfect conditions to reach the heights of culinary enjoyment.  Throughout the seasons wonderful fresh ingredients such as pumpkin, asparagus, wild garlic and wild mushrooms grow almost everywhere. In the kitchens of local taverns they are used to create wonderful delicacies.

As is true for any area there were and still are regional dishes typical to the thermal spa region in Styria with the resulting delicacies strongly intertwined with the seasons.  The construction of thermal spas helped the cuisine of the region to flourish producing high quality modern products from the available local resources.  Today these culinary treats are distinctive and unmistakable, contributing greatly to the image and identity of the entire region.

Fürstenfeld’s taverns and restaurants use this diversity to create meals of regional culinary delicacies served with the suitable wine or beer (also regional). International cuisine is also prevalent as a look at any menu in Fürstenfeld will show.

Our city offers innumerable opportunities to take your time, enjoy a cup of coffee with a homemade dessert while relaxing and watching the bustle of the city go past.

„Ausg’steckt is“ – We’re Open!

In the Buschenschank traditional wine tavern you’ll find a typical Styrian Jause, a cold platter specialty, with homemade delicacies and excellent wines and juices. Take some of the pleasure home with you by shopping in one of the small “Greißler” grocers, at a farmers market or one of the Hofladen farm shops.

Tasty food to take home

Whether you’re in a Hofladen farm shop, a market or a farmers market one thing is sure: You’ll find only fresh, healthy food of the highest quality.  Go have a look and see for yourself – it will be more than worth it. Excellent wines, fine spirits, unusual and delicious beers, pumpkin products of all types from crispy roasted seeds to delicious pumpkin seed oil, fine cheeses, meat and cold cut specialty products as well as fruits and vegetables in every form are all to be found in our product line and the regional origin is of utmost importance in the Styrian thermal spa area.  Treat yourself and please your friends and acquaintances back home!