Winter & Advent

Christmas Market

The Fürstenfeld Christmas market in the centre of the Hauptplatz Square is considered the largest market in the thermal and volcanic region. Here visitors and residents can enjoy a unique atmosphere, culinary delicacies, regional products lovingly made by hand and many Christmas present ideas at any of the 50 Christmas stands.

Throughout the square the delicious aroma of mulled wine and punch, made according to home recipes, and the sweet smell of waffles entice visitors to have a taste. Traditional Waisenbläser instrument quartets and singers ensure that the market is full of the Christmas spirit.  Children also have lots to enjoy and keep them occupied.

There’s simply everything from handicrafts to Christmas decorations or even a demonstration forge, crafts area, petting zoo, Christmas post office for letters to the “Christ Child” and many Christmas music performances that allow the holiday spirit to soar and the anticipation of Christmas to keep on growing.  Come and discover Advent in Fürstenfeld!

You won’t find Santa Claus or Father Christmas at the Fürstenfeld Christmas market – instead the “Christkind” Christ Child takes precedence – with the “Christkindl” post office and angels who distribute sweets.  Genuine Christmas spirit for the whole family.

Time and again international as well as Austrian visitors enjoy the special experience of the Fürstenfeld Christmas market with its genuine traditions, long-established regional handcrafts and product displays of high quality.

The market is open on Saturday and Sunday on Advent weekends as well as the 8th of December.

The Magic of Christmas Lights

As of the end of November Fürstenfeld is a romantic Christmas city, with the sparkling glow of pre-Christmas lights enchanting you with its Christmas spirit – daily until Epiphany.

Thousands of lights immerse the city into the spirit of this special time of year.  Take your time, enjoy and marvel at the millions of lights dotting the heart of Fürstenfeld.