Culinary Delights

What would a vacation be without a good feast for the palate?!

The variety of gastronomy in Gmunden ranges from fish restaurants to sophisticated inns, from wine taverns to cocktail bars, from family-run cafés to traditional confectioneries. The emphasis is on regional cuisine with the finest ingredients, but friends of international dishes will definitely get their money’s worth. The innkeepers, chefs and hosts around Lake Traunsee have joined forces to fill any epicurean gaps in their education and to take you to the pinnacle of pleasure with the highest quality products from the surrounding area.

Gastronomers around Lake Traunsee have joined forces to form the “Traunseewirten” (Traunsee Innkeepers) and have committed themselves to the highest quality and intensive cooperation, so that guests immediately feel that there is togetherness and not antagonism at Lake Traunsee. But of course not only the Traunseewirte offer quality of the finest, but also other insider tips and gourmet restaurants can be discovered.

„Fish with Sti(e)l“

Fish cuisine can be described as an old culinary tradition of the Salzkammergut. Whether caught wild from the lake or from one of the region’s renowned fish farms, fish has always been prepared in a variety of ways and consumed with gusto. The “Stecherlfisch” can be described as a “culinary figurehead” in the same breath. Widely known and popular, this dish – often referred to as alpine finger food – consists of trout, char, Reinanken or white fish placed on wooden sticks about 50 cm long, finely seasoned and grilled over an open fire until crispy. The taste of the lake dwellers prepared in this way is incomparably smoky and hearty. A real “folk delicacy” with a long tradition.

In addition to the Steckerlfisch, the “Stangöfisch” has also established itself around Lake Traunsee. These are real lake snacks on small sticks of maximum twice the thickness of a matchstick. Only small char or locally typical reedlings are processed into Traunsee Stangöfische. The motto behind the Stangöfisch recipe could be:” Tiny fish – huge taste!”. Around Lake Traunsee and in the Almtal valley, there are numerous fish fry huts that invite you to taste Steckerl and Stangöfisch.