Gmunden Ceramics

The World of Gmunden Ceramics

Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur (since 1903), which keeps its doors open to visitors, exports all over the world. Its most famous decor – the Grüngeflammte – can be found in almost every Austrian household and it is considered one of the symbols that stand for Austria. Every product that comes out of the Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur is unique – made and painted by hand. It is the handwork that makes the tableware so valuable and unique. The Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur offers an eventful programme all year round. From guided tours of the manufactory, to painting ceramics yourself, to adventure shopping, visitors will find a wide range of activities on offer. Experience the uniqueness of craftsmanship since 1492 and the pure inspiration for your table setting!

Guided tours of the manufactory

If you would like to take a look behind the scenes, you can do so on a guided tour of the manufactory, for example, which is offered all year round in all weathers and is also designed to be child-friendly. In addition to a short film, some particularly valuable exhibits, a touch station and a photo station, guests are offered detailed insights into the creation of the unique Gmundner ceramics and the painting workshops.

Painting ceramics yourself – the creative time-out

For the whole family an experience, as the painting workshop is suitable for all ages. The choice is unpainted ceramic molds such as cups and plates as glazed raw ceramics. The original color palette is large: from colorful to classic to subtle, you can let off steam. There is also a wide range of motifs to choose from, so take a template or just paint away. In order for the colors to unfold their full splendor, the pieces must be fired for 16 hours in the kiln. In 5-7 working days, your work of art is then ready for collection or the manufactory also sends on request to your home address.

Manufactory sale – shopping for connoisseurs

In a relaxed atmosphere, the entire range of Gmundner Ceramics awaits you in our shops, ready to take away. Discover our new products and special offers or browse through our rarities shop for special items. Let our staff give you professional advice.