Culture & Tradition
Bad Ischl

Customs are an expression of tradition.

A custom is a regularly recurring social act of people in fixed, strongly ritualized forms that has arisen within a community.

„Glöcklerlauf“ and „ride of the holy three kings“

Every year on twelfth night, this is the night from 5th to 6th January, the Glöcklerlauf takes place in Bad Ischl at nightfall. The name “Glöckler” is derived from “klocken” (= knock on) and refers to older mythical customs with masks.

Another highlight of the winter customs in Bad Ischl is the ride of the “Three Wise Men”. On January 5th, at around 5 p.m., you will ceremoniously enter the center of Bad Ischl, accompanied by torchbearers and shepherd singers. Old traditional shepherd songs from the Salzkammergut are sung. Particularly noteworthy are the robes of the kings and their companions, as well as the harnesses of their horses.

„Liachtbratlmontag“ – celebration of old age anniversaries

Liachtbratlmontag is the day on which artificial light had to be used at work for the first time in autumn. The companies thus saved money in the summer months, and the foremen gave their employees a ‘Bratl’ (= roast).

In Bad Ischl, everyone who celebrates a “milestone birthday” this year is particularly honored.