Tourismusverband Schärding
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Innbruckstraße 29
A-4780 Schärding
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Town of the Guilds

Salt, wood, ores, wine, silk, glass, corn, draperies and livestock – the guilds of the town at the river inn have always left their mark on the town. Old portals, Baroque gables, quiet corners and narrow lanes, the mighty, wide river inn, meadows, fields and the wooded hills of the sauwald forest.

Schärding casts a spell over its guests. Famous painters and writers were unable to resist the town’s unique atmosphere and so are newcomers to the town.

The Baroque town
is lively and demands to be explored with the many pleasures this involves – at the weekly market, the farmers’ market, the flea market, or in street-side cafés, century-old brewery inns, while enjoying a cup of coffee with »guglhupf« cake, or a beer with »leberkäse« and a »Kaisersemmel« bread roll, or on shopping strolls.