Vibrant Life within Ancient Walls


Vibrant Life within Ancient Walls

All spruced up in colourful dress Schärding welcomes its visitors with open arms. Its allure and charm will entice you to stay longer – and will remain a fond memory long after you’ve left for home. Whoever has been to Schärding knows what it means to have a home away from home!

If you think about all the positive attributes of a town then the baroque pearl on the bank of the Inn River is the best of the best! At every turn Schärding breathes history, yet it is far from being dull and drab. On the contrary: strolling through the maze of its narrow alleyways, lively promenades, squares and parks you’ll feel the vibrancy of the town!

Though brimming with life, Schärding is also a town of many undertones with quiet and secluded places in the midst of the most delightful scenery. The order of the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God realized this too – about 80 years ago they founded a sanatorium, todays “Kurhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder”, in Schärding.

You love great food, nature, and want to enjoy all the good things in life? Then Schärding has many surprises in store for you! The Danube Cycle PathInn Cycle Path and Roman Cycle Path all meet in the baroque town inviting you to explore Schärding and its environs on “2 wheels”. The Inn River is ever-present, it embraces the town, it is an inherent part of the town having characterized Schärding and its people for ages.

As part of the Danube Region, Schärding lies at the gates of an incredibly ‘moving’ region. On the banks of the Danube River a veritable realm of adventure awaits to be explored. Whether cycling along the Danube Cycle Path or hiking along the “Donausteig” trail – with the mighty stream of the Danube River ever in your sight – you’ll discover impressive cultural gems and delightful spots of beauty that are sure to invigorate all your senses! Just let go and go with the flow!

Tip: Boat Trip on the Inn River

Enjoy wild romantic nature and stunning scenery along the lower Inn River between the enchanting baroque town of Schärding and Passau, the charming “City of Three Rivers”. More than 5,000 years ago, salt was already being transported along this waterway. This river section rich in myths and legends and a trip along it brings them back to life as well as the salt shipping history and the many dangers the rafters and boatmen faced as they navigated the river.

Glide along the river and enjoy the very special ambience of our ships. Taste regional delicacies freshly prepared onboard, coffee and delightful pastries or a cool drink. The trip is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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