Beer Brewing

Traditional beer brewing is still practiced in Schärding by the Baumgartner Brewery, which looks back on centuries of experience. Founded within the town walls in 1609, the brewery has preserved its autonomy to this day.

Regional roots, longstanding local employees, personal contact with customers, the best service, top-quality, ongoing investments and high-quality innovations are the key factors to which the foundation-owned Baumgartner Brewery owes its success. One highlight inside the Baumgartner Brewery is certainly the worldwide first Beer Pharmacy, which can be visited by those who take a guided tour through the building. At the end, delicious beer varieties are being served there.

Side Note: Enterprising restaurant proprietors ensure that guests will long remember Schärding for the culinary experience it has to offer: 5,000 inhabitants are spoilt for choice among no fewer than 60 places to enjoy delicious food and drinks!

Pramtal Alpacas

At the Pramtal Alpaca Farm, visitors can discover the variety of the Alpaca fibre. This product is the main ingredient of the clothes produced at the farmhouse. Both summer and winter clothing is available at the farm-gate sale.

Let yourself be surprised by the all-rounder Alpaca! The Pramtal Alpaca Farm is located next to the cycling path along the River Inn and it is accessible by car or even by foot, as it is not far from the city centre of Schärding.

Matilda – a creative small corner shop in Schärding

Who else can enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by merely beautiful items at their working place? Matilda is a vivid and charming shop in which unique curiosities as well as extraordinary products, all hand-made by creative artists, are offered.

Already at the age of 15, shop owner Eva Hargassner created Venetian masks and sold them on small markets in Schärding. Soon she realized that producing art works was her passion. Despite of her zeal for art, she had been working as a bank assistant for 28-years, which she also enjoyed, because it was a very valuable experience. It was in 2017 that she decided to take some time off – she spent three months working as an Alpine herdswoman and dairymaid on a farm without electricity. It was then that she realized that she missed her former passion. Consequently, she opened her own shop.

Regional Dahoam in Schärding

Together with her husband, Angela Mittermayer cooks regional and organic specialties for her customers at her small shop-restaurant Regional Dahoam in Schärding. In addition to their delicious food creations, the couple also sells a variety of other items in their shop: organic cosmetics, gifts made of wood and tableware made of clay or other materials. All products on offer are handmade, whenever possible the shop owners try to avoid using wrapping material – if necessary, they only use recycled paper.

Every day, from Monday to Saturday, Mrs. Mittermayer spoils her customers with homemade hotpots, which can be enjoyed directly at the Regional Dahoam restaurant or at home.