The upper Stadtplatz Square, known as the “Silberzeile”, is lined by impressive burgher houses with baroque façades painted in the late medieval guild colours of the town. Bakers blue, butchers red, inns yellow and green. The “Linzer Tor” with its double portals and guard’s walkway, formerly the upper town tower in which the warder lived, guards the entrance to the Hauptplatz Square.

The “Wassertor”, formerly called “Inntor” or “Zollturm”, shows a fresco which depicts the cannonade of the town in 1703 during the War of the Spanish Succession. Numerous high-water marks recall past flood catastrophes. The “Schlosstor” was formerly the home of the ducal castle warden.

Today the Schlosstor houses the Town Museum. The old Innbrücke Bridge with pillars dating back to 1310. The castle park with castle well – formerly the castle courtyard. Devastating fires almost completely destroyed the castle – in 1895, the castle park was converted into a park with a 26 m deep granite well.

The Orangery Baroque Garden – in 1884 Georg Wieninger built a greenhouse with a home for the gardener beside the old town wall. Revitalized in 2004, it is today home to a restaurant – in the midst of magnificent park grounds.