Winter & Advent

Advent Market

Year and again, the festive Advent markets in the Bayrhamerplatz Square, Alte Saline and the Meditative Advent in the forester’s house enchant visitors and locals alike. Stroll around the lovingly decorated Christmas stalls and enjoy authentic folk traditions kept alive to this very day!

Silent Night with Franz Xaver Gruber in Hallein – The Silent Night Museum

Franz Xaver Gruber, the Town and His Original Works

Franz Xaver Gruber’s most fervent wish, namely to dedicate himself more intensively to music, came true in 1835 when he was appointed cantor, chorister and organist of the parish church in Hallein. Here, the 47-year old teacher finally found the place where he could truly live his calling. Besides his work in the chancery, he composed many musical works during the 28 years he lived in Hallein: several church music pieces as well as secular compositions. Work on the Christmas song “Silent Night, Holy Night” also continued to occupy him so that on the 12th of December 1836 he wrote the so-called Hallein version with an organ accompaniment. Around the years 1845 and 1850 he composed two additional versions. Gruber played the Hallein version every year on the 24th of December. In addition, he composed and participated in many musical events outside of Hallein.