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Barmsteine Rocks

Right above Hallein, the Barmsteine Rocks look back on an eventful past. Today they are not only a paradise for climbers, they also have a surprise in store for you: if you follow the trail, you’ll discover the remains of a medieval fortification on the ridge in front of the two summits – the Thürndl Ruins.

The Barmstein Legend
The legend goes that the devil once rested on the Barmsteine Rocks which were as yet not separated by a cleft, bathing his coat of fur in the sunshine. At the same time a procession passed through the village of Oberalm, and as the wind turned, the devil could hear their praying and singing and smell the incense. He became so enraged that he began to scrape at the rock, again and again until the cleft had formed which today separates the two rocks.

Even if legends are often inspired by imagination, why the devil chose this resting place is easily understandable: from the Barmsteine Rocks you can enjoy the most stunning view of the Salzachtal Valley…