Culinary Delights

The “Braucommune” brewery union in Freistadt is the last of its kind in the whole of Europe. Here, beer is still being brewed in the age-old traditional way. In 2020, the brewery celebrates its 250th anniversary, but Freistadt’s brewing tradition goes back much further than that! Special imperial privileges granted way back in the time of its foundation as a trade and border town attest to its historic brewing culture. Freistadt beer is brewed in accordance with the Austrian purity law using pristine Mühlviertel spring water. The brewery is a member of the Slow Brewing Association and “Bierweltregion”. You can visit the brewery during a guided tour, advance booking is required. You want to learn more about beer and the art of beer brewing? Then immerse yourself in the world of beer at our beer academy and try your hand at beer brewing yourself!