Baden bei Wien


The sunlit hills around Baden bordering on the Pannonian Basin are known for their exquisite grapes which are transformed into high-quality wine by winemakers with centuries of experience. About 12,000 hectolitres of wine are annually produced by our winegrowers and tasted by wine connoisseurs to be finally enjoyed by wine lovers in the wine taverns typical of our region.

The wines of Baden are characterized by a fruity, fully-bodied bouquet and strong aroma. The selection ranges from light to heady wines with a palate-pleasing grapy sweetness.

In comparison to other wine regions, Baden grows a great variety of different grape types to be pressed by our winemakers into wines which have in the past won multiple quality wine awards. Don’t miss tasting the “Rotgipfler” and “Zierfandler” types which are only available in our region!