Culinary Delights

The way to a holidaymaker’s heart is through the stomach! No wonder – the Lavanttal cuisine offers the best of traditional Carinthian cooking using top-quality regional products.

The selection of delicious specialties is made by the seasons themselves: that’s how seasonal and fresh our culinary delights are! We set great store by tradition and value creativity.

Lavanttal “Banana-apple”

Have you ever seen a “banana-apple”? No, that’s not a mixture of bananas and apples! It’s pure and simple an apple of that name. With its extreme sweetness and unique aroma, it really deserves this ‘tasty distinction’.
Apple cider produced in the Lavanttal Valley is of such high quality that it is also known as “Lavanttal Wine”. This delicious drink is in no way inferior to wine and was already a favourite among Napoleon’s soldiers.

Addresses for Apple Delights

Lavanttaler Obsthof Lenzbauer
Mostbarkeiten – Mostland St. Paul
Familie Spendel