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Kalkalpen National Park

South of the city of Steyr stretches the Kalkalpen National Park, which was founded 25 years ago, with a unique forest wilderness.

A near-natural forest is a mysterious, wild world and is full of secrets. In contrast to the monotonous commercial forests, in the Kalkalpen National Park the forest may become as it always was. Even if sudden storms, avalanches or snow pressure and in the wake of the spruce bark beetles damage the trees and the forest landscape is constantly changed.

In particular, the extent and quality of the beech forests national park, including several primeval forest remains, are unique within the entire Alpine region. At the age of 546, the oldest beech tree in continental Europe was also found here. These beech and mixed beech forests have therefore been included in the natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.  The unique natural beauties are best explored on guided tours, where the trained rangers sharpen the view of the small peculiarities of nature for the eye and ear.

The two rivers Enns and Steyr are important sources of life and time-honoured transport routes. Today, roads with little traffic lead parallel to the rivers, which are suitable for leisurely (e-)bike tours. The Traunviertel Tour was developed for cycling tours around the Kalkalpen National Park – a route suggestion in seven daily stages on the Ennstal, Steyrtal, Kremstal or Almtal cycle paths.

On the family-friendly Steyrtalradweg, a shuttle bus runs between May and October, which brings tired cyclists back to the starting point of the tour.