Small Historic Towns
Come and Let Us Welcome You as You Explore Our 16 Small Historic Towns

At present, 16 delightful historical gems are members of the Small Historic Towns. In order to be accepted as a member town, a number of criteria must be fulfilled.

Small Historic Towns have received a town charter and have no more than 45,000 inhabitants. They boast historic and harmonious townscapes, are embedded within special natural landscapes and home to numerous heritage-protected sights that are visited and professionally explained during guided town walks regularly offered by certified guides. Handicrafts workshops in which artisans demonstrate their crafts, weekly farmers’ markets, delicious cuisine and individual shopping opportunities – offered in the town centres mainly by family-owned shops – are additional attractions. Varied, high-quality events, experience-packed tourist attractions and an active cultural programme round off the great variety of experiences that await you in the SMALL HISTORIC TOWNS.