1000 Years of Romanticism


Town houses of the most diverse architectural styles stand harmoniously side-by-side in the beautiful medieval Stadtplatz Square. The Town Hall, one of the most important Rococo buildings in Austria, is located right in the heart of the square. 

Steyr’s landmark is the Bummerlhaus, the province’s best preserved secular gothic building. Passing through the Enge Gasse from the Stadtplatz Square you arrive directly at the confluence of the Enns and Steyr Rivers, where the Lamberg Castle stands regally enthroned on the riverbank. First mentioned in a document as “Styrapurch” in 980, the castle was completely destroyed by a great fire in 1727. It was later rebuilt in baroque style by the Counts of Lamberg.

Crossing the bridge over the Steyr River takes you to the Michaelerkirche Church and into the romantic Steyrdorf district. This area is home to both the 1st Austrian Christmas Museum in which 18,200 Christmas decorations made between 1800 and 1945 are on display and the Dunklhof, a town house built in the 15th century boasting an arcade dating back to the 16th century.

The picturesque Wehrgraben district adjoins the Steyrdorf district and harbours the Arbeitswelt Museum, a unique industrial museum as well as event venue.

In the Tunnels of Remembrance, an air-raid shelter built underneath the Lamberg Castle by concentration camp inmates, an exhibition examines Steyr’s history during the national socialist period.

The Schmollgruber House in the Stadtplatz  Square harbours an Iron Clocks Museum, where clocks were already being manufactured from iron four hundred years ago. The oldest exhibits date back to the 14th century.

Another museum, the Town Museum is located in the Grünmarkt and harbours impressive art pieces as well as cultural-historical collections.

The pilgrimage place of Christkindl, approx. 3 km away from Steyr, is home to the Christkindl Pilgrimage Church. During the Advent season, you can post your Christmas greetings at the Christkindl Post Office. The Pöttmesser and Mechanical Nativity Scenes exhibited in the Christkindl parish house are truly worth a visit as well.