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Steyr Cuisine

Steyr Truffle and Steyr Tart
Taste the official Steyr Tart - a delicious cake featuring a dark chocolate and nut dough, jam filling and dark chocolate glaze - in the Schmidt pastry shop in the Stadtplatz Square. They also sell hand-made and truly scrumptious Steyr Truffles.

Steyrdorf “Dachschindeln”
The crispy breadsticks sprinkled with salt, cheese, sesame, pumpkin or poppy seeds are a specialty of the Fröhlich Bakery and make a tasty snack between meals.

Steyr Schnalle
The round chocolate “thaler”, named after a medieval coin, is filled with marzipan and cornelian cherry jam. You can buy this sweet souvenir in the Christkindlcafé in the old Steyrdorf district.

Upper Austrian cider tastes best with a typical Austrian snack and can be savoured in the various cider taverns around Steyr. It is also available at the “Georg – Gutes aus der Region” shop in the Stadtplatz Square.

Steyr’s culinary scene, ranging from award winning restaurants to inns, pubs and cafés with delightful outdoor seating in the historic Stadtplatz Square as well as cosy cafés in lovely inner courtyards, offers a wide variety of regional delicacies and culinary treats.