Town of the Guilds

Houses with Baroque facades in the town’s guild colours of the Late Middle Ages. Bakers’ houses, for example, were blue, butchers’ red, the facades of inns were yellow and green. The Linzer Tor, a double gate with fortified Tor passage-way, integrates the former Upper Tower of the town where the tower keeper lived. The Wassertor or Water Gate, in the past also known as Inn Gate or Customs Tower, shows a fresco commemorating the bombardment of the town in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1703.

Various high-water marks bear witness to major floods. The Schlosstor or Castle Gate was the residence of the former fortress keeper of the county. Today, the town museum is located here. Old Bridge over the Inn with pillars from 1310. Castle Park with wellformer bailey.

After extensive fires, the castle was nearly fully destroyed. Park since 1895, with a 26 m deep granite well. Orangiere Baroque Garden – Georg Wieninger built a glasshouse and a home for the gardener on the old town wall in 1884; it was revitalised in 2004 and now serves as a restaurant surrounded by a beautiful park.