The historical city

Hallein Celtic Museum
Pflegerplatz 5, A-5400 Hallein
Tel. +43 (0)6245 80783

The Hallein Celtic Museum is one of Europe’s largest museums for Celtic history. The combined findings of grave fields, living quarters and salt mining on the Dürrnberg Mountain are highly exceptional in Iron Age archaeology. The absolute highlight is the 2,500-year old Celtic beak-spouted jug from the Dürrnberg Mountain. Salt mining made the Iron Age settlers quite prosperous. The numerous burial objects testify to their wealth and far-reaching trade contacts. About one thousand years after the Celts, it was the Salzburg Archbishops who profited greatly from Dürrnberg’s salt mines. In the museum’s three state rooms, dating back to 1756, 74 oil paintings depict the entire process of salt production, from the mining of salt to its processing and transport. In addition, the museum shows a variety of exhibits related to the history of the town.

Hallein Silent Night Museum 
Gruberplatz 1, (administered by the Hallein Keltenmuseum, Pflegerplatz 5, A-5400 Hallein)
Tel. +43 (0)6245 807830

It’s the  most famous Christmas song in the world: Silent Night, Holy Night! Everybody knows it, everybody has sung it or at least hummed along to it. Until his death in 1863, the composer of this masterpiece, Franz Xaver Gruber, lived for many years in Hallein. His former home has now been turned into a museum. It tells the story of the composer’s work and life in Hallein and of course explores also the history of the famous Christmas song, from its origin to its growing fame as it spread all over the world. The museum is also home to Franz Xaver Gruber’s extensive estate: Numerous original documents, historic furnishings, Gruber’s portrait by Sebastian Stief and rare family photos that can all be viewed as well. The composer’s grave is right in front of the house, in the town’s former graveyard. Every year on the 24th of December at 5 pm, to commemorate the great composer, members of the Halleiner Liedertafel Choir meet at the grave to sing Christmas carols and as crowning finale, the song Silent Night, Holy Night in its original version.

Salzwelten Hallein / Bad Dürrnberg

Ramsaustraße 3, A-5422 Bad Dürrnberg
Tel. +43 (0)6132 2008511

Good luck! In the world’s oldest visitors’ mine you set out on a treasure or rather salt hunt – penetrating kilometre-deep into the bowels of the mountain. Here the Celts already began to mine for salt more than 2,500 years ago. Following their historic trail you’ll learn lots of interesting facts about salt mining. And off we go! First you’ll ride on the mine train almost one kilometre deep into the mountain, then walk– accompanied of course by a guide – through the mine tunnels passing underground over the Austrian-German border. Films and small displays portray the hard lives of the underground miners. You’ll also have the chance to taste the mine’s salt water before whooshing down a miners’ slide. Another highlight of the tour it the raft trip across the underground salt lake: As the raft softly glides over the salt water, you’ll witness a fascinating play of colours accompanied by gentle music.

Hofbräu Kaltenhausen Specialties Manufacturer
Salzburger Straße 67, A-5400 Hallein
Tel. +43 (0)6245/795-5267

Pilgrimage place for beer lovers! The Kaltenhausen Hofbräuhaus is the oldest brewery in the Province of Salzburg. Since 1475, we have been brewing and serving our “blond gold”. Today, we not only brew traditional beers but also continuously develop innovative ideas and create new recipes –referred to by the master brewers as seasonal and creative beers. During a guided tour you can watch each step in the brewing process – from grains of barley to freshly tapped beer.
And of course, you can sample the tasty brews yourself right next door to the brewing coppers in the Brewery Inn! The menu offers tasty regional specialties. Of course here you’ll not only drink beer, but also learn everything about beer. For example, in former times the brewing was done by women! Or discover why the same beer tastes different in different glasses.

Zinkenkogel Summer Toboggan Run and Skiing Area

Schöndorferplatz 14
A-5400 Hallein
Tel. +43 (0)6245 85105

Hallein’s local mountain, the Zinkenkogel, is 1,340 metres high and part of the northern foothills of the Göll Massif. To the South-west, if you’re looking up at it from the town of Hallein or on a map. The mountaintop is already part of Germany.
In summer, you can either hike up the mountain or take the chair lift. Then, starting off right next to the mountain station, whiz back down again into the valley on the 2.2 kilometre long “Keltenblitz”, Salzburg’s longest summer toboggan run! In winter, the ski slopes are open – put your skis on, ride up to the mountaintop and off you go on a fantastic ski run down to the valley!