At the Lake Source of the River Traun

Gmunden Old Town - history & things to know

Explore history-charged & distinctive places of Gmunden


Tours through the old town:

For individuals (from MAY to OCTOBER):
Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. we invite you to a FREE guided tour through the old town. A proofed Austria guide will teach you something about the history of Gmunden and will show you the most beautiful and historical places of the town at lake Traunsee. Meeting point for the tour is in front of Kammerhof meseum square. There is no reservation required. Language of the tour is German!

For groups or foreign-speaking individuals:
If you travel with a group, do not visit us on Tuesday, or do not speak German you have the possibility to reserve your own proofed Austria Guide, who will organise your own tour especially aligned on your necessities.

On your own:

Guided tours Gmunden

Thematic route "Stories from past times"

A historical guide through Gmunden Old Town:

The thematic route provides the visitor with a view of the past through the stories of Gmunden town steeped in history and tradition. The tour takes you past many traditional buildings and sights of the town as well as numerous historically important places. The thematic route ends at the K-Hof Museum, which offers you even more information about the origins and roots of Gmunden town. If you want further information about the path you can get a map and a brochure of it in one of the two tourism offices in Gmunden: Kammerhofgasse 8 or Toscanapark 1.