A truly fabulous experience

Below a list of only a few of Braunau’s numerous sights:

Stadtplatz Square with its Mediterranean flair, surrounded by buildings of diverse architectural styles.

Hans Steininger
“Dear ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Braunau am Inn! A town looking back on more than 750 years of history and culture. May I introduce myself to you: Hans Steininger is my name, formerly commissioner of this beautiful town! I’m known far and wide for my long beard three ells in length, it’s true, shaving is not my thing! Alas, in the end it was my downfall when I tripped over it and died during a great town fire.

Braunau’s citizens have never forgotten me. Small monuments were erected in my honour, even an alley was named after me. And even today, my beloved beard can still be seen in the Herzogsburg Bezirksmuseum. Why don’t you just drop by one of these days?”

Rathaus, Steyr’s Town Hall whose inauguration was attended by Emperor Franz Joseph himself and whose very individual architectural style reflects characteristics of all epochs.

St. Stephan Church, a gothic church with numerous sacral treasures and boasting the 6th highest steeple in Austria. Come and climb up to the top!

Herzogsburg Bezirksmuseum, in which exhibits from all over the region are on display, some of which date back thousands of years.

Heimathaus, a house of many purposes. Home to a bakery, a bell foundry dating back to the 14th century preserved in its original condition, painter Hugo von Preen’s former lodgings, a Biedermeier Parlour as well as a handicraft exhibition and the Danube Swabian Parlour.

 one of Europe’s last medieval bathhouses preserved in its original condition.

Palmrichtstätte, where an obelisk recalls the bookbinder J.P. Palm who was executed on this spot by order of Napoleon.

Palm Memorial, erected in honour of the executed bookbinder.

Eiserne Ross, an iron horse on top of a gable, both memorial and target.

Fortification, in former times Braunau was fiercely fought over, today the town walls protect the city from floodwaters.

Town Gate Tower, formerly part of the fortification, today art exhibits are held here.

Adolf Hitler’s Birthplace in front of which a stone made from granite from the Mauthausen concentration camp was erected with an inscription warning against fascism and war.

Ranshofen Palace, former imperial palace and Augustan Monastery, boasting a magnificent church and convent garden laid out by the monks.

Lower Inn European Nature Preserve offers not only nature experiences and relaxation for mind, body and soul, but also lots of interesting facts about the nature preserve’s native fauna and flora.