Market place and heart of five alpine valleys

The famous brand that made not a few town children believe that the cows in our alpine pastures are lilac. This however is only the brand colour of the world-famous chocolate also produced in Bludenz, in the Chocolate Factory, founded in 1888. The name Milka dates back to 1901 and combines the first letters of “Milch” and “Kakao”. The company-own gift shop offers a wide variety of lilac souvenirs as well as lots of information on the art of chocolate-making.
>> Milka-Lädele, Fohrenburgstraße 1, 6700 Bludenz, P +43 5552 609304

Fohrenburg Beer

Beer has a long-standing tradition in Bludenz. The Fohrenburg Brewery has produced the golden hop drink since 1881. At that time, 8,000 hectolitres were brewed every year. Today more than 270,000 hectolitres are bottled and barrelled over the same timeframe.  How does it taste? Strong, a bit aromatic and really good!
>> Brauerei Fohrenburg, Fohrenburgstraße 5, 6700 Bludenz, P +43 5552 60699,

Walserstolz Mountain Cheese
Cheese as well enjoys a long-standing tradition in the region. Cheese was already being produced in the Grosse Walsertal Region in the 14th century. The Grosswalsertal Cheese is a hard cheese made from natural, raw, non-silage milk. It has to mature between eight and twelve months before it is ready to eat. The cheese is produced by ten Alpine and two Valley dairies. During the production process, the fresh milk is partly skimmed, then thickened with natural calf rennet and a special whey and lactic acid culture. Following this, the mixture is heated, pressed into moulds and immersed for three days in a brine bath. Each dairy produces on average ten cheese loaves per day. One loaf weighs between 28 and 32 kilogrammes and has a wonderful tangy-aromatic taste. A true mountain cheese! One can understand why the cheese is being marketed under the name “Walserstolz” (Walser Pride).
>> Information: Biosphärenpark Großes Walsertal, Jagdbergstraße 272, 6721 Thüringerberg, P +43 5550 20360,

Klostertal Farmers‘ Table

The name immediately makes you think of a long table set up in a lush green meadow. The sun is shining in the sky, magnificent mountains loom up in the background and food is laid out on the table. And the guests? The Farmers of the Klostertal Valley. Each has brought along the best his farm has to offer. Home-made bread, vegetables, mountain cheese, sausages, ham, eggs, pickles. A selection that truly reflects what the “Klostertal Bauerntafel”, an association of regional farmers, stands for. The farmers offer a variety of products but are united in a common goal: The sale and marketing of purely regional products. Beekeepers, farmers, restaurateurs and mountain farmers offer the best their enterprises have to offer: From honey to elderberry schnapps.
>> Information: Verein “Klostertaler Bauerntafel“, P +43 664 3067908,