Baden bei Wien

Town of Roses and Horticulture

First mentioned in the year 869 under the name »Padun«, Baden was given town status by Emperor Friedrich III in 1480. Viticulture and spa baths are the most important pillars of the town’s economy.

Turkish invasions and major fires destroyed the centre of town that was to be rebuilt completely in the Biedermeier period. Architecture, art and horticulture blossomed during this era. Architects, such as Carl von Moreau, Josef Kornhäusel and Otto Wagner left their marks on the town with their noble mansions, palaces or beautiful squares.

Between 1803 and 1834, the imperial court spent the summers in the Baden summer residence. At the time of the Vienna Congress the spa town played a prominent role in Europe, and between the wars it was the most important spa resort in Austria.