Austria Classic Tour

3,000 kilometres across Austria in 15 days

Austria Classic Tour
Austria Classic Tour

You may travel all around the world in 80 days – but it’ll only take you 15 days to explore the most beautiful (motorbike) routes through Austria. Whether in one go or by stages during a day or weekend trip, the 3,500 kilometre long Austria Classic Tour leads you through all nine provinces, past Austria’s world-famous and also less well-known (scenic) beauty spots, with biker hotels offering favourably-priced overnight stays in the 14 Small Historic Towns en route.

The routes, devised and tested by professionals, are divided into sections between 120 and 400 kilometres and are sure to satisfy passionate bikers as well as less practiced motorbike lovers. Motorists will also find the tour enjoyable – en route there are numerous Austrian cultural and culinary delights awaiting discovery: Taste delicious Uhudler wine from the Burgenland or excellent Styrian Schilcher wine, visit impressive abbeys, castles and palaces, explore legendary caves and enjoy a relaxing break at the shores of beautiful lakes.

Ride from high mountain roads such as the Silvretta or Grossglockner High Alpine Roads down to the Seewinkel and Marchfeld plains –visiting the Small Historic Towns in which the various route sections end and start. Their historic town centres, reflecting a rich and varied history, are well worth exploring. Take the time to set out on foot through age-old alleys and squares and discover delightful historic gems off the road!

Valuable information collected in a handy tour paperback format for € 16.50. The book is available in German and Italian. You can obtain the book and information from:

Kleine Historische Städte
Stadtplatz 27
A-4402 Steyr
Tel.: 00 43 / 7252 / 52290
Fax: 00 43 / 7252 / 53229-15

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